The Sculpture Auction 2017


Our inaugural event was The Sculpture Auction, taking place not at a showroom but at Aynhoe Park on the cusp of the Cotswolds on Thursday 5th October 2017, being the private home of James Perkins. We chose James’s home as it perfectly mirrors how we feel auctions should be – appearing entirely normal from the exterior yet once you step inside you are immersed in an entirely alternate experience. It beautifully staged each of the sculptures for every single one of our guests when they arrived for the previews on Wednesday 4th October and the sale day itself the following morning.

Sculpture Preview Evening.png

We encouraged every artist to be creative in what they submitted. The collection consisted of rare, limited editions and one-off pieces, as well as commissions being offered too and below are a selection of the pieces each artist presented at the Auction. Our thinking is that if we gave the artists an open book as to what they included, they could truly flex their creative muscles and step outside of perceived boundaries of what they should produce for sale.

The Auction immersed every guest in the world of art and theatre, so far removed from the traditional concept of auctioneering that once the Butlers re-opened the doors of Aynhoe Park at the conclusion of the day, everyone knew that they had been part of something truly extraordinary.

The investment potential was and continues to be matched only by the beauty and significance of the sculpture presented. 

To experience one of our Auctions first hand please do become one of our esteemed guests by registering your interest via -

Catalogues for The Sculpture Auction 2017 are still available electronically upon request. To receive a copy of The Sculpture Auction 2017 Catalogue please contact Jane Lang on 0207 415 7050 or Please note that hard copies are now very limited in availability and available on a first-request first-served basis whilst stock permits.

Should you be interested in either the artists or the pieces presented we would welcome discussions upon your specific area of interest, therefore do please call us on 0207 415 7050.


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