Ingrid Sterling


Born in the western Transvaal, South Africa, Ingrid studied art at Witwatersrand University. Although she moved to England during the apartheid, the strong light, colours and textures of her work are hugely influenced by her life in Africa. Her work today has refined to emit a smoothness of line and form through the mediums of stainless steel, perspex, bronze and polished stone.

Ingrid Sterling - Climbing Man.jpg
Ingrid Sterling - Balls on tap.jpg
Balls on Tap Yellow.jpg
Split Torso.jpg
Thinking Man Bronze.jpg
Femail Torso - green bronze.jpg
Ingrid Sterling - Boris with Stainless Steel Horns.jpg
Ingrid Sterling - Boris with Red Perspex Horns.jpg
Ingrid Sterling - Guitar Lady.jpg
Balls on Tap  Amber 01.jpg
Bronze Balls on Tap.jpg
Facing You.jpg
Large Half Head.jpg