where it all began


We’d go so far as to say that we eat, sleep and breathe auctions. For us, an auction is not just a sale to the highest bidder. To us it should be theatre twinned with the thrill of the unknown.

Our work bring us into contact with truly amazing people and we are lucky enough each time to be able to immerse ourselves in their world, be it beautiful sculptures, exquisite jewellery or the truly unusual that prompts us to think in completely new ways when it comes to the event and how it will happen – did someone say they had a decommissioned nuclear submarine available?

We are turning the notion of auctions on its head and making them into something to genuinely get excited about. We’re not just talking about the pieces being sold but also the stories behind each one, where the event takes place and how every piece is presented.

Our charitable ventures include being Guest Auctioneers as well as working with organisations to develop memorable campaigns and star-studded events. Contact us to find out more.