Graham Ibbeson


Born and raised in Barnsley, Graham is not only known as The People’s Sculptor, but a nationally and internationally acclaimed artist. Much of his work revolves around childhood with sounds of his own blending with the setbacks and triumphs of an artist born in a mining village. This mixture of influences has not only made Graham’s work instantly recognisable but has left an elegant and permanent mark in over 30 British towns.

Scales Of Justice - Graham Ibbeson.jpg
Graham Ibbeson - Life Guard.jpg
Graham Ibbeson - Maiden Voyage.jpg
Graham Ibbeson - Seven Sons.jpg
Graham Ibbeson - Warrior.jpg
William Webb Ellis.jpg
Graham Ibbeson - Arthur Wharton.jpg
Graham Ibbeson - Eric Morecambe's Boot.jpg
Graham Ibbeson - Mothering Ship.jpg
Graham Ibbeson - Venus from Venus.jpg
Graham Ibbeson - Space Buddha.jpg