The Auctioneers

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James Kendling one half of The Auctioneers – as to which half is completely up for debate. James has over 30 years of auctioneering experience as well as theatre, television, radio, with irreverent stand up comedy playing a large part in each.  This ‘baptism of fire’ installed a great deal about the importance of and ability to keep an audience enthralled. James naturally puts everyone he meets at ease, making his style of auctioneering thoroughly enjoyable as well as hugely productive. He freely admits that his love of the theatre and the arts is rivalled only by his love of classic cars, fine timepieces and jewellery and possibly the occasional cigar. When pushed, he admitted his favourite film is It’s A Wonderful Life and that his desert island essential item would be a clockwork radio. Well we shan’t hold that against him now shall we?

Duncan Lang the ‘other half’ of The Auctioneers and he would clearly state that he’s by far the more suave and rugged of the two. Hmmm. Duncan is a rural chartered surveyor by trade but his passion for auctioneering and the theatre has drawn him away from pricing up farms and dealing with planning consent into the fascinating and enormously varied world of auctioneering. He has an innate ability to entertain, which in turn draws in the attention of every auction guest as well as enticing some exceptional pieces from the vendors. When he can be prised away from the auction Duncan can be found outside, be it chopping logs or picking home grown vegetables, but always with the elder of his mini me sons by his side, who helps proceedings enormously by presenting worms and other invertebrates for inspection. 

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Jane Lang undoubtedly the Brains of the Operation (and by happy coincidence has editorial rights to all digital media for Farnon & Lake). She has worked in special events and business development for longer than she cares to remember, but wouldn’t have it any other way. Undertaking the role of turning an auction into a must-see event wasn’t really a challenge, more a natural progression. When you’ve managed live tv broadcasts for ghost hunters through to seated banquets with fighting Vikings, nothing really can phase Jane anymore but she always seeks to be proved wrong! When not working she is never happier than when hanging out with all the Lang bars, including Bertie the whippet and Badger the aptly-named jack russell of course. Jane also admits to a mild obsession with roast chicken and seeing how many steps she can register on an auction day with her FitBit! She’s not so fussed about the invertebrates from the garden however.


Joining both halves of The Auctioneers together creates a wholly rather fascinating, beguiling and unorthodox approach to auctions, with all of Farnon & Lake dedicated to bringing life and excitement to every single event. To experience this first hand please do become one of our esteemed guests by registering your interest here